Add some water, some CO2 (you’re breath), and some sun light….voila you got yourself a lamp! Advertisements


Maya + Grasshopper + Binder Clip + Colored Paper = CHROMAtex

Plinthos / mab architecture Low tech materials (perforated clay brick) + Interactive light and sound. Mab Architecture


Again, a world that exists beyond my recognition…the world of velomobiles (half bicycle / half car) Some of these are pretty interesting (visually and mechanically).


Artist: Zimoun Material: Industrial technology (Motors + Compressed Air + Such) with simple materials. Check out the video(s) at:  

Low Tech Mechanics

Really like this because of the low tech mechanics…. From cool Hunting: “A hinge without a revolution joint, the QuaDror is extremely strong and energy efficient, but the real beauty about QuaDror is its flexibility. The robust nature of the design allows it to hold up to 86 QuaDrors on top of each other. When … Continue reading

Interactive Bench?

An interactive bench…. Not quite sure how it works but i’ll look in to it. From pop-up city: “The bench has three different games. One game is a painting game. You paint colors on the bench without using actual paint but simply by moving your hand around on the bench. When the bench is left … Continue reading

Sukkah City

Here are two proposals from last year’s Sukkah City in Union Square NYC. The first, “gathering”, appears to be generated using an algorithm and is simply constructed with wood and copper connections. The second, “Log”, is not necessarily high tech or low tech but it plays with an interesting relationship between the unrefined log … Continue reading